About Steve Burke

A little about myself.

Steve Burke is an award winning fashion and celebrity photographer based in Clondalkin, Dublin, Ireland. Having over 10 years experience behind the camera, Steve has developed a unique, creative and dynamic style of photography.

His unique and contemporary approach has earned him a rising reputation in the Irish fashion world and he has quickly become one of the most in demand photographers in Ireland.

From his unique and creative beauty shoots with Michelle Anderson to his fashion, lingerie and celebrity shoots he has showcased a talent for capturing the character and uniqueness of his subjects..

He has also shown a clear and unique vision for photography outside of the fashion world as evidenced by his wide range of landscape, wildlife and, more recently, his urban exploration of city, industrial and derelict locations around the country.

Steve is always one for trying something new and is continuing to push the boundaries of what is possible in imagemaking and photography and continues to innovate with new techniques and styles of capturing, processing and displaying images.

Steve is never one to refuse the opportunity to use his camera and is available on request for not only fashion, glamour and celebrity shoots, but is also available for select wedding, boudoir and family shoots. Please contact Steve here for more information.